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Town Bizness provides five types of service.

1. Food/hygiene deliveries

We routinely fill the delivery car with food packages and basic items such as hygiene kits and sleeping bags. We travel our route distributing these to unhoused people including both those who are situated in specific campsites, and those who are more itinerant, whom we can never count on finding from one day to the next.


2. Full service

Unhoused people on our route who attempt to stay in one place, and with whom we are able to establish a relationship of trust, may become long-term clients. We keep track of each individual’s needs and their requests and add them to our Amazon wishlist. 


Typically these items include clothing, beds, tents, fire-safe propane stoves and heaters, radios, cell phones/minutes, hair-care products, garbage bags, batteries, lamps/flashlights, and many other things to help them live more comfortably and be more able to pursue services and employment.


3. Special care

Pregnant women, people with urgent medical needs, seniors, and those who are critically stressed by storms or years of being unhoused get special priority. We may offer them a few days in a motel (a real bed and a shower and privacy for even just a few days can have an immensely healing and invigorating effect). If necessary and desired, we also work to connect them with medical and/or prenatal care.


4. Navigating the system

When and if a regular client decides they are ready to apply for housing, employment, addiction/mental-health treatment, benefits like food stamps, or any other services, we help them figure out the paperwork, transport them to appointments, advocate on their behalf, and support them in any other way we can.


5. Canine companions

Many houseless people have dogs with them. These are essential companions, providing unconditional love, warmth, and protection—very important, especially for unhoused single women. 


Without proper diet, hydration, and vaccinations, however, unhoused dogs often become critically ill. 


For our clients with dogs, we seek to provide dog food, treats, collars and leashes, crates, and more necessities. We also work with nonprofit veterinary services to provide basic care and vaccinations. In the case of urgently needed veterinary care, we set up special request funds designated for that specific care.


If you wish for Town Bizness to apply your donation or a portion thereof to care and services for unhoused dogs, please be sure to state that when you make your donation.

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