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Get Involved

There are so many ways you can help Town Bizness to pursue its mission.

Donate to the Amazon wishlist


Donate funds

You can specify your donation to pay for a particular item or need by making a memo note with your giving. Otherwise, general funds are used for things like propane, phone minutes, meals, motel relief, and urgent needs.  


Phone(707) 349-6005


Buy off our Amazon wishlist

Our Amazon wishlist is updated very frequently and reflects the items that our clients need most urgently. Just select the item, put it in your cart, and select Signe Nielsen for delivery. Your order comes directly to us. 

Donate food and goods

If you prefer not to use Amazon, we do welcome direct donation of both new and used goods, with some limitations. It is still best to look at the Amazon wishlist, and then purchase those exact items from your preferred seller and have them delivered to Town Bizness’ address. 


Unfortunately, we often receive well-intentioned donations of items that we can’t make use of. Processing and storing these items takes resources away from our important work. This is why we ask that you always contact us in advance to make sure we can use the items you have to offer. While we accept many used items, please tell us first what it is you wish to give.

Screenshot 2023-10-20 at 7.09.55 PM.png

For example, we can often make great use of the following:

  • Clean blankets and sleeping bags

  • Camping equipment 

  • Clean, unstained joggers and hoodies size M-XXL

  • Clean jackets and knit caps



Volunteer help is always welcome, and we often need help with things like putting together food bags, breaking down cardboard boxes, organizing storage, and making deliveries in the field. We also have many houseless people who need one-on-one help with things like connecting to agencies and signing up for housing.


Text us to let us know what you're interested in and how many hours per week you can spare: (707) 349-6005

Matching donations

Many companies have policies to match their employees’ charitable donations. Please consult your employer’s HR department to find out whether the company might match some or all of your donation to Town Bizness.



Search for our username on the Charities page: Townbiz 


click below to be taken to the Venmo website. 


Search for our username: paws11


click below to be taken to the Paypal website. 

Amazon Wishlist

Follow the link below to be taken to our Amazon Wishlist. Click the item, add it to your cart, and select Signe Nielsen for delivery!

Check by mail

Payable to Town Bizness at:

PO Box 9035.

Berkeley, CA 94709

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